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Published on February 19th, 2012 | by Darren


Gag Me With A Spoon ! Valley Girl Remake On The Way!

I often joked that if Valley Girl ever got remade, I would dig it if Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman – the leads of the original- were cast as the Health Food parents played in the original by Fredric Forrest and Colleen Camp. I don’t know if it will ever happen. But here’s what I do know: Valley Girl is, like, you know. Gettin’ remade.

Fer sure.
And it’s a musical!

has this tale of woe:

Paramount has joined MGM’s effort to mount a musical film remake of 1983′s Valley Girl, the film that helped launch the career of Nicolas Cage. The remake will launch a new feature directing career, as the studios chose Clay Weiner over a number of well-established helmers who wanted the job.

Weiner has directed many commercials and, um, Fred The Movie. Yeah. FRED THE MOVIE. Okay…look…folks gotta start somewhere, right? Besides, I’ll play fair. Martha Coolidge was a first-timer too on the original.

Now, Valley Girl imagined as a musical…hmmm…
well I don’t know about that. The remake project as a musical was thought up back in 2009 by MGM but stalled out. I’m starting to imagine dance numbers to Modern English’s “I Melt With You” or maybe The Flirts ‘Jukebox’… but the main goal is to sing New Wave/Punk hits from the early 80s.

Still.. I dare them… I double dare them…I triple dipple dare them to include…

Cuz’ Josie Cotton still rules. So there.

Could this work today…? Not Cotton’s tunes, the film itself I mean? Sure it can. A main plot thread in the film dealt with peer pressure and social structures. The basic themes would still hold up today. That said, I have a sinking feeling that the musical is the wrong approach. Sure, the original had a house party, club scenes and a prom finale (with the lovely Josie Cotton of course) but my point is, the new film would not need any of that. Let the time capsule be just that, don’t mock it, let it be. If you are going to make a new Valley Girl, make one.

Update it. That’s what you do with remakes.

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